What do We do for You?

Hello In Stitches Family!

At In Stitches we pride ourselves on the special attention we give to each and every one of our customers. When you order something from us, you can be sure to know that a lot of thought and experience goes into every item.

Let’s look at what we think about as we create a Screen Printed item. 

First, we look at the image you want screen printed. How intricate is it? How many colors would you like?

Because we’ve been doing this for a while, we can normally look at something and know what size mesh to use. We also know if it should be 1 or 2 strokes with a flash in between.

I know a lot of what we just said doesn’t make a lot of sense, but let me show you in pictures what I mean. (Though the flash is impossible to show in a picture. It’s just a machine that helps set the ink.)

screen printing

Before any of that happens, we have to decide what mesh to use for the image. Take a look at the difference.

screen printing

Why do we tell you all of this? We want you to know that YOUR order is important to us. Each and every one of your orders. Let us learn all the things we need to learn so that you can have a garment that will last and show off your image in a way you didn’t know it could.

What other expertise can we share with you? We’d love to hear.

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