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Hello In Stitches family! If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know that this is a family run business. Everyone who works here is actually family or we’ve adopted as family. Our blog writer, Ashley (hi!), is Wendy’s cousin. So today, can we get a little bit personal with you?

We’ve spoken a little bit about our Grandma before. She is a powerhouse of a tiny 92-year-old lady. She taught us to be strong and independent and not a little bit mouthy. She taught us to love this world we live in. She taught us to love horses (but hate raccoons). And she taught us to grow things.


When we were young, she had a huge garden with tomatoes and carrots and zucchini and cantaloupe (and eggplant one year but nobody liked those). She had an orchard where we learned that horses love apricots and can spit out the pits. She had raspberries that were warm from the sun when you picked them and are still the best raspberries ever.

She would share her bounty with you whether you liked it or not. In the summer, she’d carry around a bag or two of tomatoes and give them to anyone who stopped moving long enough for her to get them in their hands.

She had roses, irises, and gladiolus everywhere. She loved them. They reminded her of people and places she had been.

Her place was all about the outside.

So, both Wendy and Ashley inherited that love of the outside from her. And now that she’s older and a little less spry, we can do those things she taught us and it feels like she’s right beside us.

Do you have memories like this from your childhood?


Because of our mutual love of the garden, Wendy has created some amazing gardening apparel that we know you are going to love! (And may just bring a smile to your face!)

plant nerd

wet my plants

normal 3 plants ago

plants make me happy

gardening apron

The apron below can be personalized with your favorite flowers and your initials.

garden apron

Does a mom in your life love to garden? Remember that Mother’s Day is less than a month away!!

Here in Rapid City, South Dakota, we have to wait until June to start planting. Are you able to start planting where you are yet?

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