Back(packs) to School

Hello In Stitches family! If you have kids in school, you know how important backpacks are! And you also know that they come with some problems! So today, let’s talk a little bit about backpacks and see if maybe we can solve some of those problems for you!


Backpacks are a necessary evil for kids in school these days, but they can also be a pain in the butt for us parents, right? As we see it, there are a few problems with backpacks.

PROBLEM #1 – They don’t fit!

Have you ever seen the tiny little first grader with a giant backpack? That’s not really good for their little bodies or for the backpack! 

According to Thought Co, you measure the height of your child’s backpack from their shoulder line to their waist line and add 2 inches. And then find the width by measuring between their shoulder blades, and adding an inch or 2. Knowing these measurements will help you know if the backpack fits!

PROBLEM #2 – They fall apart!

As much as your child might LOVE that cheap backpack from the W store we all know and love, kids need good backpacks that will last the whole year. And even better, a couple of years! Choose ones with sturdy straps and thick material, especially on the bottom!

PROBLEM #3 – They lose them!


Is there anything more frustrating than your child losing their backpack? In a sea of sameness, this happens. Luckily, we can help you with that! 

We can embroidery their name anywhere on their backpack. Or if you don’t like having their name out there for the world to see, we could embroider a picture of their favorite animal. Or even their initials. A fully customized backpack!

Now, these problems aren’t just for kids! We adults sometimes need a reminder to not carry too much on our backs as well! 

Have you ever had a different problem with a backpack? We’d love to hear about it!

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