It’s Halloween Time!

Hello In Stitches Family! Can you believe Halloween is just a bit over a week away? Love it or hate it, Halloween is going to look a little bit different this year! So we thought, why not come up with some FUN ways to celebrate Halloween safely!

Leave candy out on your lawn so that the trick or treaters can just come up and pick one out! An easy way to do this is to tape a skewer to the back of the candy bar!

We have something to share with you non-Mid Westerners. It always snows on Halloween here! So, trick or treating involves a coat, often over your child’s super cute costume anyway! So let’s talk about masks!

Now I don’t mean masks…

I mean masks!

How amazing would it be to have a mask be a part of your’s or your child’s costume! Here are a few more ideas for you!

Incorporating one of these dye sublimated masks into your costume would be an amazing way to have a fun and safe Halloween! (Would you like to order a dye sublimation mask? Let us know!)

Remember to stay at least 6’ away from those not in your household! If you’re dressed up like a Jedi, that’s one lightsaber away! Easy peasy!

Remember to wash your hands or bring hand sanitizer with you when trick or treating! Keep those monster’s hands clean!

Just want to stay home for Halloween? How about hiding pieces of candy throughout your house. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt only without the eggs!

Our last Halloween 2020 idea is to celebrate Halloween every day! We can decorate our cotton masks with fashion film (kind of like iron on vinyl only better)!

The possibilities are truly endless!

If you have any other ideas on how to stay safe this Halloween season, leave them in the comments!

Remember, we can make all these masks for you before Halloween!

Have a spooktacular week!
Mike and Wendy
In Stitches Embroidery

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