Need a Helping Hand?

Hello In Stitches Family! As we’ve said before, we’re here to help you! We want to give you the best experience possible. So, let me share with you a couple of ways that we’ve done that for our customers.

The first one is that our client asked us to personalize these saddle pads as prizes.

saddle pads

When we realized that she was paying shipping to get the saddle pads to us from the manufacturer, then shipping for us to get the pads to her, then shipping for her to get the pads to the winners, we knew we could help. 

We suggested that we ship directly to the winners, thereby cutting out ⅓ of the shipping costs. It worked great!

Another time, we had a client that had multiple items with multiple designs.

poker box


We made their life easier by boxing up the different items in a way that they could easily give out the right prizes to the right winners.

We’re here to be your helping hands. What can we help you with today?

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